Ignite You.

Ignite You.

You deserve a meaningful, satisfying life. We all do.

Yet many of us find we're dissatisfied with parts of our lives. Perhaps we feel stuck. Or we're in transition and need to figure out where to go from here.  Maybe things are going fine, but we want to explore ways to make life even better...more exciting or fulfilling.

The good news is we can all get there. It’s just a question of plugging in, lighting the spark, and getting started.

That's what Sparkplug Project is all about.

We have one simple goal: ignite in you the ideas, motivation and excitement that will lead to better things. Like a life you look forward to each morning. A life you feel satisfied with at the end of the day. A life that energizes you.

A life that - simply put - you like more. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.

How? Through honest assessment of what is and isn’t working in your life, creative discovery of new opportunities, thoughtful planning, and built-in accountability over time. We'll also challenge you to address the fears, barriers and excuses that might be getting in the way.

Sparkplug Project was developed by Deirdre and Jay Maloney over a decade of research, coaching, and professional/personal development work. A unique program of Momentum LLC, Sparkplug Project is a result of working with hundreds of organizations around the globe, and partnering with thousands of people who aspire to find greater success, sleep better at night and - quite simply - like their lives better.

There are two paths you can explore through Sparkplug Project. It all depends on what will create the greatest spark in you.

Boot Camp


Extraordinary two-night, nature-filled,
mental boot camp event

Discover the power of one weekend designed to ignite your life




Customized individual and group coaching
for planning and accountability

All coaching is time-limited
and designed for optimal impact


Deirdre and Jay are, hands down, the most effective facilitators to get you unstuck and excited about the future. They provide a unique balance of unwavering commitment with frank, candid feedback to those in their program. Their honest assessment and direction may make for uncomfortable moments, but their process generates breakthroughs and, most important, results. I’m grateful to have Jay and Deirdre in my corner!

- David O

About Us...

About Us...

Deirdre and Jay Maloney created Sparkplug Project based on their own research and their years of coaching/training experience, bringing together the strategies and program components that have proven to be most meaningful and impactful for those who participate.


Deirdre and Jay know that Sparkplug Project works because they’ve gone through the process themselves and experienced its impact.

Back when Deirdre first started Momentum and Jay was still working in the corporate world, the two each found themselves wanting to intentionally evolve their professional and personal lives towards the greatest meaning possible. That’s when Deirdre first integrated the assessment/planning processes she’d used to coach others and developed the “mental boot camp” model. Deirdre and Jay were the first to put it to the test. (It passed.)

Going through it themselves led to some big changes. First, Deirdre and Jay decided to leave their current professional/personal lives behind and head overseas to experience Europe for six months. During this time, Deirdre wrote Bogus Balance. When they returned, Jay decided to leave the traditional office life and join Deirdre full time in her business. Now the two work hand-in-hand on a variety of projects, and have each sought new hobbies and skills that drive their creative energy and fulfillment.

Deirdre and Jay continue to "boot camp it out" each year, using the process to make important decisions like leaving certain projects and groups, taking on new hobbies like theatre and computer coding, and even creating their newest program: Sparkplug Project…which just might be one of their most important decisions of all time.

It’s important to note that the decisions and plans created by each person through Sparkplug Project will be different, because the process guides people to understand their own objectives and interests. What is common for all, however, is the intentional decision-making and action planning that will help each person create a life that is as satisfying and meaningful as possible.

A little bit more about us:

Deirdre is an international trainer, life and executive coach, and published author. Known as someone who gives it to you straight, she has spent years helping people identify their barriers to satisfaction/success, and then overcome them through thoughtful planning, excellent tools/resources, and accountability integration.

Deirdre's work officially entered the life satisfaction realm while writing her third book, Bogus Balance, endorsed by Ken Blanchard, which she developed using both her own research and her extensive experience coaching/training others (and herself!). She developed Sparkplug Project's curricula over several years, based on what has proven most impactful in her extensive coaching and training work.

Deirdre has shined a spotlight on tricky life satisfaction challenges as a contributor to Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and Thrive Global. Her blog is known for its direct, straight scoop approach, providing reality, clarity and practical tools to help readers make their professional and personal lives better. She has worked with organizations and teams of all sizes - including Kaiser Permanente, Boeing and Boys & Girls Clubs of America - helping their leaders and teams find greater success and meaning.

Jay spent over 15 years in marketing, branding and creative production for ABC and NBC television before joining Deirdre at Momentum LLC. His creative ideas have won multiple EMMY Awards and he prides himself on helping others discover the possibilities that lie between the opportunities in life.

During his time in the corporate world, Jay was a driving force for new ideas, generating revenue and increasing customer and employee satisfaction. He transformed the skills and tools behind that success into elements that form the foundation of the Sparkplug Project.

More information can be found by heading to the Our Team page on Momentum's website. To see Deirdre in action, check out her brief Bogus Balance speaking clip. For a full list of offerings at Momentum LLC, visit makemomentum.com

For more information or questions about Sparkplug Project, click below!


Deirdre has quickly become a go-to resource for our company. One of her many gifts is that she keeps groups focused, on track and on time, while allowing them to be creative and exploratory. I also appreciate how she works effectively with so many different personalities. Personally, Deirdre has become a trusted advisor, whom I go to with my most challenging management questions. I jokingly call myself a Deirdre evangelist, but I truly would recommend her for anyone seeking a dynamic group experience.

- Susie S

More Spark...

More Spark...

Because Sparkplug Project is so unique and specific to our life-satisfaction work, we decided to provide a website dedicated solely to information about it and the two paths available. That's where you are now.

We also want to make you aware that we offer a wide variety of additional trainings, facilitations and coaching, many of them on the professional and business front. There are also books, blogs and other resources we'd love to share with you.

For more information on our other programs and offerings, check out Momentum’s website: makemomentum.com

Thank you for letting us be a part of your personal and professional journey!

-Deirdre and Jay