About Us

About Us

The Sparkplug Project is a program of Momentum LLC, which helps people achieve their goals and sleep better at night. It is run by Deirdre and Jay Maloney. Deirdre founded Momentum almost a decade ago and her husband, Jay, joined her in 2015.

Because the Sparkplug Project is so unique and focused on their life-satisfaction work (and, to be honest, such an incredible passion project), Deirdre and Jay created this separate Sparkplug Project website to ensure focused attention and clarity about the programs.

A little bit about us:

Deirdre is a published author, international trainer, and life/executive coach. Known as someone who gives it to you straight, she has spent years helping people identify their barriers to success/satisfaction, and then overcome them through thoughtful planning, excellent tools/resources, and accountability integration. 

Deirdre's work entered the life satisfaction realm during her work on her third book, Bogus Balance, which she wrote based on both her own research and her extensive experience coaching/training others (and herself!). She developed Sparkplug Project's curricula over time, based on what has proven most impactful in her extensive coaching and training work.

Jay spent more than 15 years in the marketing, branding and production space before joining Deirdre at Momentum LLC. Jay's many different roles at the company include providing branding/web/marketing services, the production of excellent events and experiences, designer of all things digital/print/media/event, and serving as strategic partner on all projects. He's so pleased to put his skills to work for Sparkplug Project!

For additional bio information, head to the Our Team page on Momentum's website. To see Deirdre in action, check out her brief Bogus Balance speaking clip. For a full list of offerings at Momentum LLC, the home page is: makemomentum.com

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Deirdre and Jay are, hands down, the most effective coaches to get you unstuck and excited about the future. They provide a unique balance of unwavering commitment with frank, candid feedback to those in their program. Their honest assessment and direction may make for uncomfortable moments, but their process generates breakthroughs and, most important, results. I’m grateful to have Jay and Deirdre in my corner!

- David O