It's time to create a life that's better in some way. That satisfies you more. That means more. That helps you focus in on your next steps, then helps you make them happen. 

It's time for Sparkplug Project Boot Camp. 

What is our boot camp, exactly?

  • An extraordinary experience for those who are feeling stuck, in transition, dissatisfied in some way...or who simply want to intentionally make their lives as good as they can be
  • A 2.5-day event in the mountains that gives you the time and guided processes to:
    • Assess your current professional/personal life
    • Identify which parts could be better
    • Explore potential changes to get you unstuck and/or more satisified,
    • Create a concrete action plan to get there
    • Get real about how you might get in your own way...and strategize how you won't
  • A place to engage with others in a rejuvenating, thoughtful and safe space
  • The opportunity to spend time reflecting alone in nature

We call this a boot camp because it’s no joke. To be clear, you won’t be running around, working on trails or engaging in yoga. (These are all great, but they won’t be found here.) Instead, you will join a special group of people who are all ready and willing to put their heads, guts and hearts to work, to truly look within, to push themselves and explore new ideas through a proven, facilitated process.

This boot camp is about honoring – truly honoring – the one life you’re living. And making sure every part - professional and personal - is as good as it can be.

If you're interested in igniting the spark for your better life, we invite you to explore the sections below.

Message from Deirdre!

The Difference

The Difference

We’ve done the research and can say that the Sparkplug Boot Camp is different from every other event in this country.

What we’re not:
  • A relaxation, yoga or meditation wellness retreat
  • A physical-fitness boot camp
  • A ropes course or team-building event
  • A trail-working event
  • A therapy-based group
  • A couples or company-focused retreat (We welcome participants who know each other, but each person will work on their own life satisfaction at this retreat. If you would like to discuss a company-focused retreat for your team, which we offer on a case-by-case basis, please contact us.)
What we are:

A place to get to work on a better life.

We call this a mental boot camp because it’s going to take a lot of thought. Reflection. Soul-Searching. Exploration of what might create a life that's more energizing, more likeable. A life you look forward to in the morning and feel satisfied with at night. It turns out that making a more likeable life takes work. But, in the end, it’s completely and utterly worth it.


We strongly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to work on a more satifying life. Both the costs and the timing of the boot camp were determined based on feedback from others and with the clear priorities of reducing as many barriers as possible while creating a diverse and honoring group experience for all participants. 

Designed for long-term impact.

The greatest experience doesn't mean much if nothing changes.That's why we've integrated concrete action and accountability planning into the work. The program also includes one free check-in conference call a few weeks after boot camp ends. Graduates can also register for time-limited individual or group coaching, and/or an in-person group follow-up session.


Deirdre is known for presentations and coaching that “give it to you straight”, challenging people to tackle the challenges that keep them stuck while honoring their individual journeys. Jay has spent years creating unique experiences that stand out and help people thrive. He is the master marketer and event-planner of the duo, leaving no stone unturned in creating an unforgettable experience. More information is available in the About Us section.


This event gave me the opportunity to seriously look at my life and identify what I wanted to get out of it. It’s luxurious in a way. For a moment in time, everyday demands evaporate long enough to just focus on you and what you want out of life. It’s shining a light on your life, and the results of that put you on a path to live with intention.

- Rebecca H

The Program

The Program

Deirdre has designed the boot camp program over the past decade, using her own research as well as tested processes that have been shown to achieve long-standing impact. Participants who are ready to assess and explore their lives, who are willing to look at the challenges that might be keeping them stuck, and who are open to stepping outside of their comfort zones to explore true change are the perfect fit. We welcome and strive for a group filled with diverse experiences, strengths, perspectives and retreat histories (including none!). There is a maximum of 20 spots available for this experience.

The program includes:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Individual assessments
  • Individual action and accountability planning
  • Small and large group sharing (based on participant comfort level)
  • Individual reflection time in nature
  • A safe, confidential space and a respectful group process (one of our highest priorities)

Please note that participants will be working into the evening Friday and Saturday. The sessions will be long, but we will break them up and keep you busy and moving (and fed!) throughout.

The outcome for participants - who authentically engage in and follow through on the guided process - won't just be a plan for a better life...but a life that is better in some way. More meaningful or satisfying. More energized anticipation of the day ahead. More satisfaction about the day that just passed.


Below is a brief breakdown of the program and processes by day. Many components will be accompanied by quiet time for self-reflection and small/large group sharing. (Note: more specific agenda break-downs will be provided at the boot camp. Timing and processes are subject to change.)

  • Before You Arrive
    • Complete brief pre-work and preparation (information to be sent to participants before the event)
  • Friday Night
    • Welcome/introductions
    • Interactive presentation: "The Better Life: Get Out of the Way, Get Down to Work"
    • The Beginning: values and prioritization activities, "should inventory", bucket ratio work
  • Saturday
    • Assessment: current bucket assessments
    • Exploration: envy activity, ideas for the new
    • Planning: individual strategic and action plans
    • Overcoming Challenges: exploring change, fear and mindfulness; managing the ego
    • Setting up Success: accountability, your tribe
  • Sunday
    • Next Steps: preparing for the short and long term
    • The Close: final reflections, declarations and accountability
  • After it Ends
    • Follow-up small group accountability call (included with registration)
    • Access to private Facebook Boot Camp Graduates group (included with registration)
    • Option to register for additional individual or group coaching and/or an in-person follow-up session at the end of the calendar year (additional cost)

The Location

The Location

We have found that a lot of people get their spark while in nature. So that’s where you’ll be.

With individual cabins and a beautiful location right on the Pacific Crest Trail, we are delighted to host the event at the Warner Springs Ranch Resort.

About a 90-minute drive from San Diego's airport (and a 2-3 hours drive from L.A.), historic Warner Springs has gained considerable fame for its therapeutic natural hot springs and spectacular rural beauty.

Surrounded by tall oaks, sandstone formations, vast meadows, rugged hills and streams, the cabins offer a comfortable escape away from city life. (Note: a current renovation may make certain areas less accessible. We just want to stay real.)

Participants will stay in their own assigned individual cabins, including private baths. For your convenience, each climate-controlled cabin comes equipped with a small refrigerator and microwave.

Participants can enjoy walking/hiking trails and the hot mineral pool (when open) during free time (though, fair warning, at our boot camp there won’t be much of it).

Click here for a gallery of the accommodations

The Details

The Details

  • Participants will need to arrive by 3PM on Friday
  • The boot camp will be completed by 11AM on Sunday
  • Transportation is not provided, though we will help coordinate a carpool list for those who are interested
  • Our boot camp can generally accommodate a maximum of 12 people and we expect it to fill quickly (we will start a waitlist when this happens, but cannot guarantee a spot to those who ask to be placed on it)
  • All participants must be 21 years of age or older

We know we need to keep you fed to keep you at your best. Meals include the following:

  • Friday dinner and a welcome toast
  • Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets
  • Sunday breakfast buffet
  • Snacks throughout the event
  • Non-alcoholic beverages throughout the event (coffee, soda, water, iced-tea)

Other things to note:

  • Beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks may be purchased in the dining area during dinners
  • Healthy components and vegetarian options will be available at each meal. We will do our best to accommodate other dietary restrictions and will ask for them when you register
  • For those who would like to add their own favorite foods to their menus, there is a refrigerator and microwave in each cabin, as well as a small general store/gas station with some basic grocery items a short walk away

All participants will be assigned their own cabins at Warner Springs Ranch Resort. Newly renovated to reflect its rich, rustic past, the charming cottages offer a comfortable escape from day-to-day life. Surrounded by tall oaks, vast open meadows, sandstone and granite formations, the space provides the perfect place for reflection.

All cabins include the following:

  • Private bathroom
  • Individual climate-control
  • Small refrigerator and microwave
  • Wireless internet access

** To create the most focused and impactful experience possible, it is important that only registered participants stay in assigned cabins. Family and friends will get to hear all about it when you return!

**Additional details on the location, menus, agendas and attire (spoiler alert: casual!) will be provided to participants after they register


To make this event as accessible as possible, we are pleased to offer two payment options.


1 Payment
Paid in Full upon Registration


2 Payments
1st upon Registration - 2nd in August

The registration fee includes:

  • All program components
  • Two nights accommodation in an individual cabin with private bath
  • All food/non-alcoholic beverages listed in the Food section above
  • A follow-up conference call for small graduate groups one month after the event
  • Access to a private Facebook group for boot camp graduates
Cost: $789

The registration fee includes:

  • All program components
  • Two nights accommodation in an individual cabin with private bath
  • All food/non-alcoholic beverages listed in the Food section above
  • A follow-up conference call for small graduate groups one month after the event
  • Access to a private Facebook group for boot camp graduates

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Is This a Fit for Me?

Is This a Fit for Me?

Does it feel like our boot camp might be a fit? We’re so glad!

It’s important to us that participants clearly understand and are ready and willing to make the most out of this event. The following list of questions will help determine if the boot camp is indeed a good fit. We ask that you review it now and, if the event feels like a good fit, complete when you register.

  1. Do I feel there are components of my life that could be better, more meaningful and/or more satisfying?
  2. Am I interested in exploring these areas, brainstorming solutions and creating action steps for an enhanced life?
  3. Am I ready to step outside of my comfort zone, be challenged by a candid and authentic process and explore true change?
  4. Do I feel I have sufficiently worked through any trauma that could trigger a response that puts me at risk at the event?
  5. Am I able to participate in a group process that honors diversity, prioritizes confidentiality and ensures respectful sharing?
  6. Am I ready for 2.5 days where I will not have access to my email and other technology for a few hours at a time?
  7. Am I free from any commitments or distractions that would keep me from fully immersing myself in this event?
  8. Am I able to attend the entire 2.5 days, arriving by 3PM on the first day and staying through to 11AM on the third day?

If you said yes to all of the above, congratulations...this event is a fit for you!

In addition to the questions above, when you register for the event you will also be asked to briefly complete the statements below:

  • I want to participate in this boot camp because...
  • This boot camp will be a success to me if...
  • Retreats or wellness events I have attended in the past are: (please list if applicable) 
I'm Ready to Register

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