Our coaching programs provide one-on-one or small group guided dialogue to help you determine what isn’t working in your life, plan for a more satisfying future and follow-up on progress through accountability components.

Consisting of time-limited individual and group coaching sessions, our coaching programs are for those who are ready and willing to get to work on a better life. All coaching is provided by Deirdre Maloney, an experienced coach and trainer who has created her processes over decades, through thoughtful research and proven results. .

** Please note that all coaching requires an initial, brief phone call with Deirdre to assess readiness and alignment. Fees are based on participants' customized needs and frequency.

Individual Coaching: 1-3 sessions

This program begins with an assessment of the current components of your life and which ones might be improved, followed by the exploration of specific changes, and the creation of action steps. Follow-up sessions further explore/update plans, and provide the accountability needed for continued progress. Offered in-person or by phone.

Group Coaching: 6 monthly sessions

This option provides exploration, planning and accountability done in a group setting of 4-5 people. It provides community-based dialogue and validation with others who are working to ignite their own, better lives. A high priority is placed on creating a safe, confidential and trusting space. Currently offered as in-person sessions in San Diego County. Schedules are based somewhat on availability of group members.

Combination: Individual and Group Coaching

Some participants prefer to combine one-on-one coaching with the group coaching experience, and we are happy to offer this option. This program requires a commitment of six monthly sessions, as well as 2-3 individual coaching sessions.

We look forward to discussing your coaching needs and desired outcomes. Just fill in the form below and we'll get back to you to set up an inital needs assessment.

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Leadership & Executive Coaching

In addition to Sparkplug Project's life coaching, Deirdre is also pleased to provide individual and group executive/leadership coaching.

This coaching program offers much of the same exploration and planning, but puts a greater focus on professional development. If desired, it also includes individual trainings on a diverse series of work-related areas, including leadership, management, holding others accountable, communication, managing up, and delegation (final topics determined based on participants' needs and preferences).

Information on these and other programs can be found on our Momentum website: